Searching and Researching on the Internet & World Wide Web, 5th Ed. View larger

Searching and Researching on the Internet & World Wide Web, 5th Ed.


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Authors: Karen Hartman and Ernest Ackermann

Copyright: 2010

Binding: Paperback

Page Count: 280

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This is the fifth edition of a leading selling college-level book for Internet research courses. Examples have been chosen to appeal to a broad spectrum of students and researchers across academic disciplines. It is much more than a catalog of search engines and their features. Both the free and fee-based (hidden) Internet is explored. The focus is on formulating search strategies, understanding how to form search expressions, evaluating information, and citing resources. Librarians, prospective and in-service K-12 teachers, and majors in business, math, or the sciences will benefit from it.

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction to the Internet and the World Wide Web

  2. Using the Web for Research

  3. Evaluating Information Found on the World Wide Web

  4. Managing and Citing Search Results

  5. A Researcher's Toolkit

  6. Search Strategies for Search Engines

  7. Specialized Databases

  8. Searching for News And Keeping Up To Date Using RSS

  9. Searching for Multimedia

  10. Working and Learning Together by Sharing Information